Sparks Will Fly


When two of the world’s best, but very competitive, pyrotechnicians are forced to work together, sparks will fly.

Wesley Drake and Lawson “Law” Sheppard grew up in Atlanta together as natural-born enemies. From the moment they both discovered their love for fire at the age of ten, it’s been one competition after another. They went from setting neighborhood trash cans ablaze to award-winning chemistry experiments at Georgia IT. Besting each other has been their life’s mission, until their obsession got out of control and almost cost them their careers.  

Now outcasted from Hollywood, two of the world’s best pyrotechnician engineers are back home where it all started, and the city is not equipped for the heat they can bring. But when Wesley comes to Law with a plan that can put them back on top again, Law is shocked to find that his nemesis means for the two of them to work… together.  

Big. Damn. Mistake.  

No multiple pairings. Ends with a very, very HFN.  

This is the short introduction of two new characters that are about to make a very explosive appearance in Atlanta, and of course, attract the attention of a certain narcotics task force. While God has enough troublemakers on his team, he’s thinking the two rebellious chemists with their own agenda might prove to be beneficial while he and his partner, Day, prepare to battle a meth war.


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Edited by: Sandra Dee of One Love Editing

Cover Artist: Ashley of Designs by Morningstar

Page Count: 25

Official Release Date: November 1, 2020