Prophesy: The King & Alpha Series

AE puts her love of alphas into a MM Paranormal romance for the first time!


An Enemies to Lovers

Shifter, Vampire True Mates story.

Justice Volkov is the youngest Alpha Zenith to ever lead the wolf shifters. Following in his father’s large paw prints was a responsibility he met head on. Now at age thirty-three, he is alpha of the alphas. As a direct descendant of the original Siberian pack, his wolf is bigger and stronger than Justice, himself is sometimes able to control.

“His wolf howled long and hard but Justice kept it inside. It felt like a bass drum beating against his rib cage. The harsh breaths, angry snarls and the determined pacing inside him was overtaking him. All the while… his mate kept calling.”

Justice takes his role of leadership and his legacy very seriously. He has little time for romance, not to mention a true mate. His packs are his priority. With a human government trying to regulate them, an uprising of rogue shifters, and a violent team of scientists trying to experiment on them, Justice has his hands way too full.

Chadwick ‘Wick’ Bentley is not enthusiastic when the captain of his escort tells him he has to leave his comfortable London home and go back to the States. As the Vampire King, he has no choice but to get his species back in line before they cause anymore chaos. At over two-hundred years old, Wick is no one to trifle with, but his smooth, charismatic manner makes him quite unique, despite the negative reputation vampires have. Wick has had nothing but time up to this point. He doesn’t feel the need to make issues pressing. Nothing is urgent in his life. Until he meets Justice. His beloved.

“Natural enemies can’t be mates.” Or so Justice thought. He knows his skepticism and rejection is hurting his mate, so while he fights their connection, Wick gets help from a source very close to Justice to help him win his beloved’s heart. Wick is a force all on his own, but when he’s blessed with a special gift from the Mother herself, not even Justice’s powerful wolf can prevent the prophesy from being fulfilled.

This story DOES NOT contain/mention MPREG.

It does not end on a cliffhanger and has an HEA.

Warning: This book is MM paranormal: If you don’t like hot men shifting into large wolves, or vampires feeding from their mates, this may not be your read.


“I appreciate your dedication, Ramon. I always have. But we are not coming to fight. I chose the five of you to stand behind me with Captain Ermanno while I earn my beloved mate’s trust. Under no circumstance are you to become hostile with any shifters, now or in the future.” Wick turned in the front passenger seat to look each of his officers in the eye, adding a distinct, warning hiss. “Even if advanced on. Do not retaliate. Anyone who harms a shifter, I will see spends eternity in a wooden box.”

They all nodded in understanding. There wasn’t a hint of the scent of fear or stress in the large SUV, only the determination and focus of his men. There was no need for any of them to be afraid. The men Wick and his Captain chose were the best of the best in his Escort; in their entire species. They’d been well briefed on the subject of his fated beloved and without second thought, each one of them immediately reminded Wick of their unbreakable allegiance to him. No matter what the situation.

“Isn’t the beloved supposed to already trust and care deeply at the first scent of you?” Another vampire asked from the last row.

Wick didn’t like anyone thinking that there was a malfunction in the link between him and his mate. Technically, it was true. His mate should already be craving him. Wick believed Justice was aching, because heaven knows Wick was barely able to shield his worried scent, he was in such a state behind his mate. “Justice and I are not ordinary beloved souls. He’s the Alpha Zenith. It was silly of me to expect him to fall into my arms and tilt his head back for me.”

“You’ve never steered away from a challenge, sir,” Wick’s Captain said, his shaded eyes still on the brightly-lit, well-worn path that led to the Humboldt Pack’s land. The sun was still shining but setting quickly. In the blacked-out windows, Wick’s vampires were safe.


As they came around a sharp bend, cabins and log buildings came into view. There were five large shifters standing at the entrance cautiously watching them approach. Wick saw the one on the end pull out his cell phone and make a quick call.

“He probably called the Alpha,” his Lord Protector said.

“I’m hoping he did,” Wick answered. “Make sure you slow down a little more and stop several feet from them.”

His captain did as Wick instructed. The shifter was asked to come around to Wick’s side so the sun wouldn’t filter in and touch Ermann. “I’m here with a gift for your Alpha Zenith. He already knows I’m coming.”

Two large brown wolves ran down the side of the mountain and communicated something to the shifters at the gate, because they stepped aside and told Wick how much farther he had to go to get to the Alpha’s side of the property. As they drove over the worn dirt road, they heard warning howls go up. Wick wouldn’t take offense. Vampires were on their land, of course they’d make sure the pack was tucked away safely.

Instead of worrying about that, Wick looked around at the beautiful scenery of the Humboldt’s vast pack lands. Acres and acres. The rolling greens where they’d cleared the trees were nothing short of beautiful. Cabins were everywhere. Farms and livestock were being tended. Wick saw at least two schools, and even a couple makeshift stores. But he believed that packs still used a type of bartering system – amongst other packs at least.

“They’re looking a little hostile, Captain,” Ramon noted, turning and watching all angles of their vehicle, especially Wick’s side.

“They’re just going about their jobs. It’s curiosity. Nothing more. Vampires probably don’t visit every day.”

Wick was about to agree with his captain but his words stopped just short of passing his lips when he caught sight of the row of shifters standing in front of a large two-story home with sand-colored, handcrafted logs and a huge wrap-around porch. Better craftsmanship than any one-hundred story skyscraper he’d ever seen. The gathered shifters looked to be the pack’s hierarchy. They stood in a sort of diamond formation with his beloved standing in the front. Another large man was to his left and Wick assumed that to be this pack’s Alpha because the man on Justice’s right was his brother and beta. Wick remembered him from the police station. Several more men, and even a few women, spanned the line. All looking strong and ready for whatever was about to happen. Aside from the few men milling about working or surveying the grounds, this area of land was void of any other pack members. Like they’d been tucked away to safety.


Even through the dark windows the shifters could see them. The sun was just at the tip of the tall redwoods behind the cabin, casting the open space in an array of striking golds and ambers before it disappeared for the night. This was the moment he’d waited for. Wick hadn’t tried to use his link with Justice, scared to attempt it only to find it gone. He’d felt the apprehension from his beloved when he thought of how they could possibly live and exist together when they were so different. Wick wasn’t all that different from his gorgeous mate and he was about to show him. Wick opened the door and stepped out, the bright sun hitting him in his face. He tilted his head up and smiled at the romantic sky. The warmth felt lovely on his typically cool skin. The gasps and murmurs of disbelief were easily heard… including his beloved’s. That was lovely too.

“You can walk in the sun?”

It took everything in Wick not to drop down to his knees and thank the Mother right then and there that their link was still alive. “There’s a lot I can do. Maybe you’ll let me show you, beloved mate.” Wick sighed inside. For the first time, Wick didn’t feel the dreadful feelings Justice had given off before.

“May I address one of your packs, Justice?”

Justice stepped forward, his brother at his right a mere step behind. Aleksei Volkov was a hulking alpha in his own right and could clearly defend his AZ if needed. Wick was sure his own second was counting down the seconds until the sun set and he could leave the refuge of the SUV and stand at Wick’s back like he was supposed to. His mate nodded once, still eyeing him carefully. Wick didn’t want to turn away from the look of longing and desire he saw in Justice’s miraculous eyes.

Wick finally pried his coal-colored eyes away. He looked at each shifter’s unique face, committing them all to memory. They would all be an extension of him soon. In a tone as silky as satin and smile that was nothing short of mesmerizing, Wick addressed them, simply. “Greetings.”

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Title: Prophesy: The King & Alpha Series

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance / Action 

Length: Novel ~ 315

Release Date: September 23, 2017

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Edited by: Tina Adamski