Here Comes Trouble (Nothing Special #3)


Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs. Being the enforcers for God and Day's notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into more trouble than they can often get out of. The pair never misses out on an opportunity to drive their Lieutenants crazy with their dangerous, reckless, and costly stunts, landing them in the hot seat in front God... often.

Ruxs and Green love their jobs and they don't mind the very demanding schedule that leaves them little time for socializing or dating. It was fine with them, they enjoyed hanging out with each other anyway. 

However, most of the men in their close circle of friends and colleagues are pairing off and settling down. God has Day, Ro has Johnson, and their Sergeant Syn has Furious. 

For the past several years, Ruxs has only sought out the advice and company of one person, his partner and best friend Green, and vice versa. Both of these alpha males are presumed straight, but neither can deny the heat that's building in their once 'just friends' relationship.

Review ~ By: Christina Wade

adrienne hit it out of the park again with this one. i liked it as much as nothing special. i literally said 'aw' out loud so many times during this book...just made me sigh. of course these guys are alpha badasses but when their sweet comes out, it just gives you the feels.

ruxs is struggling...with his relationship with his mother and with his newly discovered sexuality. he wants more and he's pretty sure he wants it with his other half - his partner green. he just doesn't know how to tell him. i don't want to give too much away but man, when he finally let's green know...oh man that was a great scene.

green has been in love with ruxs for a while but has hidden his feelings because ruxs has never shown interest in men and he'll take him any way he can have him. he is fiercely protective of ruxs and is just so endearing.

curtis - the kid that god & day caught robbing a store way back when - plays a big role in this book and i absolutely love not only him but his part in this story. and there is some nice foreshadowing of things to come for him leaving you wanting the next book right now!

god, day and syn are in this book quite a bit and just as great as always. vicky plays a big role too and she's pretty great still.

Review ~ By: Erin

 'Outstanding Sequel'

A.E. did it again with this book. I just loved this book about Ruxs and Green. Green is big while Ruxs was straight. Ruxs started developed stronger feelings for his partner as time went on. It Ruxs some time and a lot turmoil to understand what he felt for Green. Despite everything these two fell in love and made their relationship work for each other. This book made me sad,mad, and happy. I can not wait for the next book.

Review By: Marsherri Pierce

Love Love Love this serious, this book, and this author!!

Just finished Here Comes Trouble! I am not an over critical reader and I have seen a lot of reader mention that crap as it pertains to your books and to that I say whatever! Now if anyone has one bad thing to say about this book they just don't like anything but complaining...this story was amazing and I have read all your books but one! The story was so entertaining from start to finish. The MC were awesome, I laughed I cried I want to punch that women in the throat. I mean I just do not feel like I have the words to say how good this was, it is hands down my favorite and that's saying a lot. I don't care what others say because for me you have yet to disappoint and I will always support your work. Damn good story gurl...damn good!!!!! Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Talent With US!!!!!

Review By: AngelWTattoos

Nothing Special series is Something Special! ​

Another winner from A.E. Via! The Nothing Special series that features Book 1-Nothing Special and Book 2-Embracing his Syn, is continuing with Book 3-Here Comes Trouble. Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are the enforcers for God and Day's Tactical Narcotics Team in ATL and they are the bad ass front men for the team of huge, dangerous, not to be f**ked with cops. Each of the team are strong but infinitely caring for one another, always having their guys' back when needed. Ruxs and Green are partners who have begun to notice that all the guys seem to be pairing off with their partners and that they are all happier now. And both Ruxs and Green want that, and who better to have it with than the person that knows them better than anyone else? Enjoy their story as they both struggle to come to terms with the changes that are happening in their lives, both with one another and with pother outside forces. You will be so glad you did!


“Uhn huh.” Ruxs said again for the hundredth time, tipping back his draft beer. It was the only sound he’d been able to get in edgewise. He looked at his watch and back towards the door again. Where is he? He’s better not have lied to me. Ruxs knew that wasn’t the case. They didn’t lie to each other… ever.

“So. Yeah. I was so excited to get transferred to records ya know. Because everyone has to come down there. I get to talk to everyone and get the scoop on everything going on. I consider my department the hub or the communications center.” She giggled and it sounded like nails on a chalk board. “And it’s so easy. I get to leave pretty much anytime I feel like it. Someone puts in their request and I just get to it the next day, sometimes. But I try to be there most of the time. It’s not just me in there. It’s me, and Fowler, and Christianson, and Veracruz, and —.”

“Yeah. I know. I’ve been down there.” Ruxs cut her off, just refraining from rolling his eyes. Why does she feel the need to fill every moment of silence? Ruxs picked up the menu and she followed suit. Maybe she’ll be quiet for a minute.

“I know. I’ve seen you down there.”

So much for wishful thinking.

“I love to see you coming down the hall. You’re so big and have so many muscles.” She practically bounced in the booth across from him. “I was wondering when you were going to get around to asking me out. I mean, geez. A girl can only flirt so hard.”

Really? Did I ask you out, or did you bamboozle me? She was pretty enough. Sure. But she was a motor mouth and she seemed to be trying too hard. Ruxs was a real laid back kind of guy. He didn’t need someone to work double-time to impress him. He liked easy and smooth.

“Good Evening, Mark.”

Jesus. Just like that. Smooth like butter. Ruxs looked up from his menu at the deep mellow voice that rolled over his body and settled deep inside him. His smile was so large, his partner ended up mimicking him. Green’s smile was wide. His perfect white teeth shone bright in the dim restaurant.

Ruxs jumped up and before he knew it he’d hugged his partner like he hadn’t seen him in weeks. Like he wasn’t with him all damn day. But what was even crazier. Green hugged him back, chuckling softly in his ear. “Hey, bud. You okay?”

Ruxs pulled back, slightly embarrassed. “Yeah. Of course.” He looked around and changed places, letting Green slide into the large booth. He bumped Green’s hip silently telling him to move over. His partner looked curiously at him before sliding over further.

“You could’ve sat by me, Mark.” His date tried to purr but it fell flat with him.

“I’m good.” Ruxs smiled. Now.

Green looked back and forth between them before extending his hand across the table. “Hi, I’m Chris Green.”

She took Green’s hand, but held it like it had shit on it. “I know who you are. You’re his partner.”

“On the force.” Ruxs butted in.

Both of them looked at him like he was an idiot. Which of course he was. Why the fuck did he need to clarify that?

Green grinned that lopsided smirk at him, the one that meant his partner was about to have some fun. Ruxs had fucked up. Green leaned back and propped his arm up on the back of the booth. His fingertips just reaching the back of his neck. Ruxs felt the slightest tug on his very short hair. The slight wink Green gave him with his left eye was only for him to see. “I think that’s what she meant… Mark.”

“It’s nice to meet you officially. I’m Sarah. I didn’t know you’d be joining us tonight, Christopher.”

“Chris,” Ruxs and Green both corrected her in unison.

“He prefers Chris,” Ruxs clarified.

“Oh. Sorry.” She looked extremely uncomfortable, but Ruxs wasn’t all that concerned. Maybe she’d insist that they didn’t need to go out again.

He looked over at his partner. Green looked casual, as always. A simple white T-shirt, a gold cross hanging from a gold link chain rested on his chest. The half carat diamond stud earring was secretly Ruxs’ favorite. His hair was just barely tamed tonight. Loose denim jeans. Green always said his nads didn’t fit in tight jeans. Ruxs didn’t realize that he was just staring and smiling at Green until his partner cleared his throat and pulled his hair again.

“Actually. I came in to get a drink and saw you guys over here.” Green lied, breaking Ruxs out of his thoughts. “Thought I’d be polite and say hi.”

Sarah gave Green a fake smile with a roll of her eyes and went back to looking at the menu. Ruxs wouldn’t condone her being a snob to his partner. It was definitely a deal-breaker.

“Sorry about the wait you guys, it really picked up all of a sudden. What ya gonna have tonight?” The bubbly waitress asked flipping open a small notepad.

“Ah. About time. Well as you can see, we have a plus one. So he needs a couple minutes.”

Green had to have felt Ruxs tense at her remark because he felt another tug on his hair. Surprisingly it made him bite his tongue on his comeback and settle back into the seat. Oh yeah. This witch is vapor.

“I’ll have another Bud Light on draft and please bring a Yuengling in the bottle with a frosted mug and a water with no lemon. Please.” Ruxs smiled at the waitress.

“I don’t drink beer, Mark.” Sarah smiled shyly at him.

“It wasn’t for you,” Ruxs said back with not even a hint of a smile.

The waitress looked uneasy. “And for you ma’am?”

Sarah’s frustration was more than evident now. “I’ll have another Appletini.”

Ruxs wanted to remind her to say “please, ” but he let it go. He wouldn’t be seeing Sarah again. So her bad manners were for the next schmuck to concern himself with.

“Be right back.” The waitress spun on her heels.

The table was silent for a moment while they continued looking at the menus. “Are you gonna eat, Green?”

“I ate earlier.”

“Ate what.”

Green looked up at him and grinned. “Pasta salad.”

“Fuck you. The Greek pasta with that good cheese?” Ruxs turned to face him, his mouth curling up in a sneer. Green knew that was his favorite. He’d made it when he wasn’t there, the little fucker.

“Yeah.” Green chuckled softly. “Just order it here. You’ll like it.”

“But I want a steak.” Ruxs leaned over, his chin practically on Green’s shoulder, looking down at his menu.

“Order it as a salad, with your meal.” Green shouldered him back over after stealing a quick look at his fuming date.

The waitress sat down their drinks. Smiling broadly. “Okay. I know you guys are ready to eat. What’s it going to be?”

 Sarah looked smugly at Ruxs before ordering her food. “I’ll have the prime rib with a Maine lobster tail. And a glass of your most expensive wine.”

Oh, Ruxs was pissed now. Now she was trying to break his wallet. Seriously. He puffed his chest out, ready to tell the waitress they were going Dutch. Another pull on his hair. He turned and frowned at Green. Fuck that. This little witch was doing this on purpose, knowing she wouldn’t be seeing him again.

Green shook his head slightly and turned his attention back to the server. “I’ll just have an order of mozzarella sticks with ranch dressing.”

Ruxs’ eyes narrowed as he glared at his partner. How the hell had he gotten into this mess? He guessed it was sort of his fault. He never should’ve invited Green, but then there was no way he wouldn’t have shoved a saltshaker in Sarah’s mouth before their date was over. “Order your food,” Green hissed. Ruxs turned back and saw the waitress was waiting on him. “I’ll have a sirloin, medium rare with the Greek pasta salad.”

“Sure thing.” She scribbled in her pad and tucked it in her smock so she could collect their menus.

“What cheese do you use in your Greek salad?” Green asked the waitress.

“We use provolone.” She answered quickly.

“Can you use feta cheese please? He doesn’t like provolone,” Green said and handed over his menu.

“Aww. You two know exactly what the other likes. I wish my man could order for me like that,” the waitress cooed, giving them a sparkling look before shuffling off.

Green closed his eyes and shook his head like he possibly just screwed things up for him, but he had no clue. Shit was fucked before he even got there.

Chapter Six


What’s So Great About Being Gay?

Green watched Ruxs begrudgingly walk Sarah to her car after ordering him to wait for him by his truck. Ruxs’ shoulders slumped as he walked. His footsteps were heavy. Probably because his wallet was one hundred eighty dollars lighter. Green sat in his dark cab and watched the two of them under the lights of the restaurant’s parking lot. Sarah turned and said something to his partner but Ruxs turned his head and looked up at the sky.

Uh oh. That’s not good. Green knew that mannerism. Ruxs was not happy and praying that God didn’t let him do something stupid.

She leaned into Ruxs and brought her hands up his ample chest. Green bristled in his seat. He admitted that the way he and Ruxs behaved did look like they were more than just partners on the force, but Ruxs was his best friend and he knew him the best. It happened when you worked so closely with someone and trusted them with your life every day. He chalked up the feeling he was having to simply not liking Sarah. She was bitchy and rude. What woman orders the most expensive shit on a menu just to be spiteful? Ruxs deserved better. He better not kiss her. He knew it’d been a while since either of them had had a date. A man could only use his right hand for so long before he craved some additional contact. Some warmth.

Ruxs took her hands from his chest. He leaned over to open her car door for her and she swooped in to steal a kiss. Since he was so much taller than her, her mouth ended up landing on the bottom of Ruxs’ jaw. Ruxs put a large hand on her shoulder and guided her into her car.

Green was still laughing when Ruxs clumsily climbed up into his truck. He fumbled getting his seat belt on. He was so angry and Green was sure that his laughing wasn’t helping. “Alcohol only intensifies anger.” Green grinned, desperately trying to hold in another laughing fit. “Maybe you should’ve held off on that fifth shot of Jack, huh?”

“I had to do something, man. Drinking was the only way to keep me from cursing her ass out. And she had the nerve to ask if I wanted to go out next weekend. What the fuck?”

Green let it rip. He was half leaning over onto his partner, he was laughing so hard. “Jesus. Are you shitting me?”

“Hell no. Then she tried to kiss me. Her breath smelled like seafood and vodka.” Ruxs’ anger was waning and he was starting to smile, since Green was still practically laying in his lap laughing.

“Get off me. Drive. I’m ready to go home.”

Green hit the gas and drove them home. To his place.


“Come on, man. Fuck, you’re fuckin’ heavy. Next time you want to go on a date with Sybil, leave me out of it.” Green huffed, while practically carrying Ruxs’ drunk ass up the stairs to his front door. He propped Ruxs on the rail beside him, holding one hand to his solid chest, and fumbling the keys with his other hand. Ruxs pushed his hand off his chest and draped his huge six-foot-two-inch frame over his back. They were exactly the same height and it put Ruxs’ mouth at the side of his neck. His breath was so damn hot, Green fumbled the keys again.

“Thank you for coming tonight. I know you didn’t want to, but I was happy to see you when you got there.” Ruxs’ voice was hoarse and slightly slurred. He seemed to be pressing Green into the door, making it impossible for him to get his key in the bolt lock.

Green laughed deep in his chest. “Yeah. That big ass hug you gave me kind off tipped me off that you were happy.” Green tried to push back but froze when he heard Ruxs take a long whiff right under his ear.

“Wow. You smell so good. What is that you’re wearing?” Ruxs held on tight to Green’s waist and buried his nose even deeper. Green tilted his head just a touch, wanting more of Ruxs’ lips so close to his sweet spot. What the hell am I doing? This is dangerous.

Green pushed hard, dislodging Ruxs from his back. He looked over his shoulder, and did a double-take at the clear look of lust shining in those light green eyes. Jesus Christ. He jammed the key into the lock and hurried inside. He let Ruxs stumble his way in on his own. Tossing the keys in the dish on the table, he moved further into the loft, flicking on the lights as he went. He was in the kitchen pulling out the carton of orange juice when he heard the light switch flick again, putting him back into darkness. The street lights shone through the large windows, casting shadows all over the place. He turned the carton up to his mouth, figuring that Ruxs had hit the light by habit and was already in his room, probably face down on his bed. Green shoved the juice back in the fridge and closed the door. He turned around and ran into a brick wall. Ruxs’ chest. He was standing directly behind him, quieter than a mouse in a room full of cats.

“Fuck! Ruxs, what the hell are you doing?” Green barked. Looking directly into Ruxs’ heavy-lidded eyes.

Ruxs didn’t say a word. He didn’t smile. He didn’t laugh it off or say it was an accident. He just stared him down.


“What. Are. You. Doing?” Green said with more irritation in his voice.

Ruxs took a couple steps forward and Green instinctually moved back. The refrigerator was at his back and Ruxs’ arms slowly came up and caged him in. Their faces were only inches apart. Damn he was acting so weird. But Green was going to let him play out his little game so they could go to bed.

“Something on your mind,” Green said through clenched teeth.

“Actually, yeah.” Ruxs finally grinned and Green got the confirmation that it was just Ruxs being his usual asshole-ish self. “Why do you think so many men are gay?”

Green resisted the urge to put Ruxs on his ass. “Are you shittin’ me right now?”

“No. Really. I was just wondering that.”

“Oh. You were just wondering that?” Green gave him a bullshit look.

“Yeah. I mean we work around all these big motherfuckers that are head-over-heels in love with other men. God and Day. Syn and Furi. Ro and Johnson. All these badass men. Queer as a three-dollar bill. Highly respected.” Ruxs leaned in closer and whispered softly, “In fucking love. Why is that? What’s so great about it?”

Green gritted his teeth. “When you see God tomorrow, why don’t you ask him? I’m sure he’d love to give you the answer. Just make sure I’m there. I’d hate to miss that.”

“Why are you mocking me?” Ruxs growled low and Green stood up straighter.

“I’m not mocking you. But you’re being ridiculous and I’m tired. Now move.” Green knocked Ruxs’ hands down and shoved him back with his own chest. They were the same height, same build. Evenly matched. Ruxs dug his heels in and stopped them. Ruxs put his heavy hands on Green’s shoulders and begin to squeeze them. Green sighed heavily, wondering when this madness was going to be over. “You’re so damn wound up. You want a massage?” Ruxs asked nonchalantly like he was offering Green a piece of gum.

Weirdly enough, massages were pretty common. Ruxs rubbed Green’s shoulders all the time. Sometimes he had to rub cramps out of Ruxs’ calves after they worked out. After a good sparring match, Ruxs usually ended up working the kinks out of Green’s lower back. But neither one of them were in any pain right now. Except Ruxs being an annoying pain in his ass. He was exhausted and they had to be to work early.

“No. I don’t want a damn massage, Ruxs. It’s after fuckin’ midnight, get your damn hands off me.” Green knocked those very talented hands off his shoulders and maneuvered around his partner. Thank God, this time Ruxs let him go. He was half way up the stairs when he looked back and saw Ruxs still standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. It was too dark to see his face or his eyes, but his body language spoke volumes. Green damn sure wasn’t going back down there to get him. Ruxs was being silly, he was drunk, and Green wasn’t going to entertain another minute of it. His partner was a big boy. He could make his own way upstairs and get in his bed and sleep it off.

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Genre: Gay Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel ~ 296 Pages 

Published:  November 28, 2014

Publisher: Via Star Wings Books

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Editor: Tina Adamski