Don't Judge (Nothing Special #4)


Detective Austin Michaels didn’t think life could get any better after he was accepted into the most notorious narcotics task force on the East Coast, headed up by two of the baddest’ Lieutenants with the Atlanta Police Department - Cashel Godfrey and Leonidis Day. 

Michaels knew he would fit right in as the team’s sniper, having received his fair share of commendations for marksmanship. He was just as badass as the rest of the twenty brothers that made up their team. But when Michaels lets their prime suspect get away from a huge bust with over a quarter of a million dollars in drugs, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it right. 

Left with no other options, God chooses to bring in outside help, calling on his long-time friend and bounty hunter, Judge Josephson. 

Judge was considered one of the best trackers during his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. After retiring, he used those skills to become one of the most sought out fugitive trackers in the country. When Judge gets a call from his old friend needing his help, he quickly tells God, yes.

Still embarrassed, and intent to prove himself, Michaels immediately volunteers to partner up with Judge to get their suspect back quickly and quietly. Neither man wanted or needed a partner. But, after Judge and Michaels get on the road, the hate/lust relationship they quickly develop between them will either make them heroes… Or get them killed.

Review ~ By: The Lindsay Show

Having read the correct, EDITED version, I have amended this review and have raised my rating to 5 stars. If you still have the horribly edited version, contact the author on Facebook and she will send you the correct version.

Here is my official review:

I love this author and her books. Love her characters and how strong they are. She's an eagerly anticipated author and an autobuy for me. This is a great continuation to the series and as always, leaves me eagerly anticipating the next book. I really hope she gives Genesis and Curtis a book to delve into their evolving relationship. I also hope she goes back and gives Ro and Johnson a book to delve deeper into that one :) The new ending is AWESOME to say the least and definitely glad I got to see that little bit extra added.

Over all, loved catching up with the characters and can't wait for the next one. 5/5 Blue Duckies

Review ~ By: LadyBird

About this book! It is just as awesome as the previous ones in the series. Personally, I love the fact that Austin is a fighter, literally, and that the book practically opens with a boxing ring. Austin is such a hothead. And Judge. How do I describe him? Over the top, but just as awesome. But that’s what I like about your writing Ms. Via, all the charismatic characters and the steamy entanglements they find themselves in. I also appreciate the fact that in this book we still have all the previous characters. Yeah!!! And Day and God are on a roll! But you KNOW my favorite part has got to be when Judge first walked into the Precinct in answer to God’s call…and Michael s wouldn’t turn around until he started hearing stuff…then Day and his mouth….HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I SSOOOOOO Thank You from the bottom of my heart for that laugh. (sighs..)​

Review By: Tams of MMGoodBookReviews

This book is action packed and non-stop from cover to cover. I really enjoyed how Via set up the story for Michaels and Judge at the start, really giving us a feel for the characters. Michaels is successful and accomplished, but he longs for someone to love. I think he also has this fear of failure, I think that is why he goes into the almost blind rages he has when things don’t go as planned or spiral out of control. Judge is more calm, cool and collect walking around sucking on his sugar cane stick, kicking butt and taking names. Judge has convinced himself that he wants to be alone, that he is happy alone, that is until one sexy sniper that doesn’t put up with Judge’s crap storms into his life and literally wreaks havoc.

I must, for a moment, talk about the intense sexual connection these two shared. It is probably one of the most volatile relationships ever documented on paper. Think War of the Roses meets Cockyboys. I am talking bruised, bleeding, bed breaking, the house is falling down around them hangry (hot and angry) sex! It was fan-insert f word here-tastic!! Via managed to write the characters in such a way that they were able to show vulnerability with each other while remaining manly men, which isn’t easy when you have two strong willed alpha male types trying to co-exist as equals and lovers. The push and pull and the balance between all the emotions was flawless while the characters were extremely flawed. Hands down Via’s best work to date. Definitely a must read!

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“You’re not going with Judge, Austin. Forget about it.” Day’s voice had gone serious.

Michaels slammed his own cup down on the counter. He’d thought this was all settled last night.

“What? Why can’t I?”

“For the same reason you can’t have a wife and 1.5 kids… because God said so.”

“Which God?”

“Pick one.”

Michaels was getting pissed. Day was fucking with him and it was getting on his nerves. “God said I was going, last I heard.”

“Well what God says doesn’t matter around here. He knows that.” Day sipped again as if he didn’t have a worry in the world.

“Don’t listen to Day,” Syn said, coming into the break room with God and Ro. “You’re going with Judge, like we all decided.” Syn’s voice rose as he stared at Day defiantly. Day shrugged, looking innocent.

God was propped on one of the break room tables, watching him. He finally spoke, “But we do still have some concerns. With none of us there to watch—”

Michaels huffed and cursed, cutting God off and making a show of yanking the cream out of one of the cabinets, slamming the door shut. “You guys have already voiced your concerns. I said I can handle this. Damnit! You’re treating me like I’m a fucking kid!”

“Well you are acting like you missed your little nap,” Day murmured.

Michaels dropped his hands on the counter and took a couple deep breaths.

“You have to stop acting like this is all on your shoulders alone, Michaels. Your screw-up,” Syn said, standing next to him. “That’s what’s got us concerned. Because when you’re in that mind frame, you’ll get yourself killed doing any and everything to fix it. We work and operate as a team. If there was a fuck-up, it’s on all of us. Not just you, man. And not just on Powers, either. He didn’t know an underground tunnel was built; it’s not his fault either. We are the ones.” Syn motioned between him, God and Day. “That cut Switch the deal and got him: a killer, back out on the streets. He got away from all of us. So stop feeling like it’s all on you to make this right. And the sooner you show us that, the better we’ll feel about you going out with Judge to get Switch back.”

Michaels nodded his head, knowing Syn was right. “I apologize. You’re right. I’m going to get him back because he doesn’t belong on the streets… not because he bested me… us.”

“Atta boy.” Day smiled. He gripped him by his neck and pulled him out of the break room.

He sat talking with his team while they waited on Judge. God said he’d be there in the next few minutes. It was after one and Michaels was getting restless. They had all the intel they could possible get. Judge told God he’d piece it together himself. Michaels wasn’t completely sure how tracking worked, but Syn said it was ten percent science and math, and ninety percent instincts. Some people had them and some didn’t. So Michaels had determined he would follow Judge’s lead, backing him up if need be and then when they encountered Switch, he’d get in there and make the clean arrest. Plan determined.

Michaels head was down in the one of the files when he heard Ruxs’ deep voice murmur. “Oh. My. Fucking. God.”

Chairs squeaked and groaned as everyone turned to see what, or who, Ruxs was referring to. Michaels however, didn’t turn around, but his heart had begun to race a mile a minute. Everyone was looking out the large glass wall that separated their team’s workspace from the rest of the precinct. The look of confusion, shock, and horror that most of their team wore on their faces had him not wanting to see. Obviously it was Judge, but damn, what the fuck did the guy look like? Shrek? It wasn’t until Vikki stood and straightened her skirt with a seductive, “yum” escaping her red lips that Michaels decided to turn and look.

Holy hell. All Michaels saw was a tall, walking Adonis. Decked out in leather except for the tight, black shirt hugging his thick chest. As he got closer his eyes appeared dark and mysterious, he seemed to keep his eyes on target but take in everything around him too. People watched him, but didn’t engage him. It was obvious he wasn’t a criminal because of the gold badge hanging around his neck, but damn he looked like he was on his way to kick someone’s ass. Moving through the precinct like he was the Captain. Confident and sure. He wasn’t frowning but he damn sure wasn’t smiling or giving off an approachable vibe. Michaels stood and swallowed hard. Jesus. The man had to be six-foot-three, maybe -four. Taller than his own six one. It was all the hair. Oh, my damn. That beard, that looked course but possibly soft to touch. Damn, he hoped so. Trimmed neatly with a smattering of grays, at least five to six inches of hair beneath his chin. Enough to pull. Shit.

“We all thought you loved yourself, Michaels,” Day said, out of nowhere, watching along with everyone else as the bounty hunter approached.

Michaels frowned at his Lieutenant. It really was not the fuckin’ time.

Day’s eyes bugged and Michaels turned back just in time to see what everyone else did as Judge reached for the door.

Day leaned toward God and hissed, “Why the fuck is he bringing a horse into our office?”  

Chapter Eleven

Judge saw that everyone was watching him as he entered the Atlanta precinct, but he couldn’t care less. Stares were nothing new to him. If they weren’t looking at him then they were gawking at the full-grown, almost four-foot tall beast at his side. He kept his eyes on Godfrey the entire time. Damn the man was still sex on a stick. Even bigger than him. His thick arms crossed over his massive chest. When Judge was inside he saw the two gold Desert Eagles holstered at his sides. The man always did wield a big gun. Judge almost smirked at his double entendre, but kept his face stoic.

Ignoring all the other so-called bad asses that made up God’s team, he approached his old friend and stared him down as they stood eye to eye. You could’ve heard a pin drop in the room. No one moved, no one broke their stare-off. It was like a cheesy scene out of a Wild West showdown. After a couple more seconds, Judge shifted the sugarcane, quirking one side of his mouth up. God did the same and the next thing he knew he was pulled into a bone-crushing hug. He slapped God roughly on the back then pulled back, looking at him.

“You look good, old friend,” God said, with a huge smile. “Look like you’re ready to work.”

“Always.” Judge gave a slight laugh. “It must be some real shit you got yourself into that you’d need to call me.”

“You could say that. But I knew you’d come.”

“Of course I came,” Judge said, seriously. He’d help God anytime he called. He’d never met a more loyal and trustworthy man. A man that believed in brotherhood. Who’d lay down his own life for another’s. There was no reason Judge would deny a man like that.

“You sure that thing doesn’t need a muzzle?” Day blurted out, pointing at Bookem.

Judge kept his arms folded, glancing over at God’s partner. “You’re the only thing that needs a muzzle, Day. Godfrey, I see you’re still with this asshole. .

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Genre: Gay Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel ~ 364 Pages

Published:  June 26, 2015

Publisher: Via Star Wings Books

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Editor: Tina Adamski