What do the lonely do on the holidays?

AEVia-Christmas2 -Complete
AEVia-Christmas2 -Complete


Spencer Underwood would rather celebrate National Sock Day than Christmas or any other holiday that centers around friends, family, or good tidings. The sudden death of his parents took any joy he’d once felt for the season.

Now, it’s just him, his memories, and his Holiday Grinches Facebook group.
Spencer always did a poor job of hiding his loneliness this time of year. And the sweet—albeit unrealistic—encounter with a pushy jewelry salesman in the mall reminds him exactly why he hates this time of year.

Coleman Burbank the Sixth is the artistic genius behind the billion-dollar jewelry empire his family built and owned. But all the money in the world can’t buy him what he wants for Christmas. The holidays are always roughest for Cole, and he’s looking forward to it all being over. Especially since the sexy customer with the sad eyes he’d asked out earlier had turned him down cold.

Cole’s best friend takes him to a gentlemen’s lounge to boost his mood, and he is more than stunned when Spencer approaches their table to wait on them.
Cole didn’t think it was possible to find a man who could understand his loss or his disdain for the season, but the more he learns of the heartbroken man servicing him, the more he wants to take it all away… for both of them.

Because no one should be alone for the holidays.