Boraleashe: The Lord of the North Wind
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“Patrons of Tir an Fhomhair! All hail the Lord of the North Wind, Boraleashe Cavalerie. The last of the horsemen and harbingers of justice, the overseer of the Realm of Winter, and creator of the first frost. Titan and ruler of Tír an Amárach, the Artic World.”

Boraleashe landed with the full force of his power, sending flurries and ice skating over the warm ground. His brother’s ride to the palace seemed to take forever as he accepted warm autumn offerings from Notalus’ people. They bowed and tossed flowers at him, not only because he was a titan and lord of a season but because he was strikingly beautiful. The bottom half of his blizzard-kissed stark-white hair was flowing down his back, while the top half was cinched and braided into an intricate pattern that reminded Notalus of a snowflake.


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