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Boraleashe: The Lord of the North Wind
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Boraleashe Cavalerie -
The second oldest and most rigid of the Titan Brothers
His wind brings the Winter season and serenity

All hail the Lord of the North Wind, Boraleashe Cavalerie.
The Last of the Horsemen and Harbingers of Justice.
The Overseer of the Realm of Winter, and Creator of the First Frost.
Titan and Ruler of the Arctic World.

Boraleashe landed with the full force of his arctic power, showering ice and snow across the ground. Patrons bowed and tried not to gawk at him. Not because Boraleashe was the lord of an element, but because he was a strikingly beautiful titan, with his flowing white garments, and blizzard-kissed hair.

Boraleashe Cavalerie was the opposite of his titan brothers. He was stoic, disagreeable, and his attitude towards others was just as biting as his frost.

All titans were required to gift their pure hearts to another—to fall in love—as praise to the divinities for their dominion over an element. Refusal to pledge their heart was considered an act of defiance to the gods. There would be judgment… and atonement.

For more than a millennium Boraleashe chose to shelter and hide his incomparable winter heart. He deftly avoided love by commanding army after army and fighting battle after battle.

Fate intervened and gave Boraleashe the opportunity of receiving a heart from a far more worthy love than he deserved. The newly appointed king of the Autumn World, Theodor Cavalerie, was the Bringer of Harvest and Treasure of the Realms.

Why would a young virile lord like Theodor choose a surly two thousand-year-old titan like him? Boraleashe had no logical answer—he refused the handsome king for reasons no one would understand.

Boraleashe confessed to his viceroy, “Adresin, if for any reason my heart were to ever get broken, I will suffer a misery and death far more excruciating than the Snow Moon’s curse on my heart.

The universe had spoken for its final time, he either choose love… or loss. And there was only one man capable of penetrating Boraleashe’s icy interior. Only one warrior strong enough to save his soul from damnation.

“Patrons of Tir an Fhomhair! All hail the Lord of the North Wind, Boraleashe Cavalerie. The last of the horsemen and harbingers of justice, the overseer of the Realm of Winter, and creator of the first frost. Titan and ruler of Tír an Amárach, the Artic World.”

Boraleashe landed with the full force of his power, sending flurries and ice skating over the warm ground. His brother’s ride to the palace seemed to take forever as he accepted warm autumn offerings from Notalus’ people. They bowed and tossed flowers at him, not only because he was a titan and lord of a season but because he was strikingly beautiful. The bottom half of his blizzard-kissed stark-white hair was flowing down his back, while the top half was cinched and braided into an intricate pattern that reminded Notalus of a snowflake.