Where are you Nothing Special VI Paperback???

If you follow me on any of the social medias some of you may know that I moved over the holidays. While I did, and my office was boxed up, I went offline to prevent distraction. I’d just released NSVI and reading review can become and obsession.

I shouldn’t have done that because then I would’ve seen the emails from KDP that went straight to my junk folder informing me the paperback wrap was not complying with Amazon’s standards. When I finally figured out the paperback still wasn’t online after a month, I got on the phone with KDP only to get the run around for days before a supervisor finally told me that the title didn’t match the print cover.

I didn’t have (SWAT EDITION) anywhere on the cover.

I was livid. First of all the edition shouldn’t be required to be on the cover. It’s not a part of the title. That’s why I put it on the title page inside. Anyhoo. I did get to the bottom of it and after fussing for a while, I succumbed and told them I’d have the cover redone. I mean they had me by the balls, what else could I do? They were not going to publish the paperback unless I did it.


Well, now that Jay Aheer added the SWAT Edition to the spine of the book they’re still making me wait and wait. While they figure out if on the spine is good enough. Fuckin hell. I’m really sorry readers, I truly am. I never had these issues with CreateSpace. All I can say is I’m dealing with this issue daily and please just keep checking on Amazon for it to become live. I’m sure it will soon.


Talk to you Soon.

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