Hiya Friends.

Thanks for coming over to see what I have to say this month. Many of you know that I moved into a new home over the holidays. Still in Virginia Beach, just in a new area. An area with tons of gorgeous trees, and forestry all around me.

So, I have acquired a new hobby. And I don’t think any of you would guess what it is if I gave you tons of chances.

It’s bird feeding… watching… whatever.

And because when I try any new hobby I have to OCD-it’, I’ve purchased an entire freaking station. For those of you who don’t know what a bird station is, it’s an area a person would set up in their yard to attract wild and rare birds. Typically its multiple feeders, meh, 2 or 3. I freakin have EIGHT! Why, you say? I have no damn idea except to say I have to really do something up to know if I like it or not. I know. Made no sense as I typed it either.

Anyway. I guess it was a good investment because I’m enjoying it. It’s setup directly outside my office window and it makes a nice view when I have to turn away from the computer screen for a bit. Truly, I am loving it because I’ve seen some funny-ass-shit happening out there too. Like freaking bird-wars. Birds can be mean as hell. I’ve attracted lots of unique birds - since I have a smorgasbord of food for them to choose from- tons of Blue Jays, Red Cardinals, chickadees, starlings, etc. 

But nothing is worse than the squirrels. Ugh! I didn’t even know they’d be an issue. WTF? Those greedy little shits can eat up to an entire tray of food in an hour. Yeah, I was like, I didn’t set up all this crap just to look at them. (Check out the photos, you’ll see’em. Does that even look like something you wanna see when you turn your head? Huh? Exactly!)

Anyhoo. I’ve gotten lots of advice on how to deal with the squirrels. Taylor’s Do It Center is my absolute favorite store… not a clothing store, or a boutique… a straight-up hardware store. IMO its one of the very few retail establishments that gives amazing customer service. I love talking to the men/women and getting cool tips or ideas. One man told me – no bullshit – to ‘lube my pole daily and it’ll keep the squirrels away’.

I had to blink a few times before I understood. LOL. He had no damn clue where my nasty mind went for like five seconds. But, I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work. I rub olive oil up and down the metal poles that my feeders hang on and I get a kick outta watching the squirrels try to climb it, only to slide right back down. (I hope you can see the video I’ve attached of it. I oiled it good and he still got up there. Little rodent)

But now I don’t have to lube and stroke my poles daily 😉 because I got bird food with cayenne pepper in it (another tip from Taylor’s). Birds don’t have taste buds but squirrels do. Aha. (I’m just learning so much damn useless trivia)

So I had the final tehehehehe.

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