Happy New Year

So, I’m thinking of making lots of changes for the new year 2019 and I’m not just referring to the hair color. 😉

I want to produce more quality full-length novels. I have three popular series that I’d like to see thrive again this year. Nothing Special’s last installment did amazingly well and I’m glad that so many of you enjoyed it. There will be more. I would like to expand on Promises and Prophesy as well this year. It’s not always easy staying on a strict schedule because as you know, life happens. But, time management is something I’m working diligently on and want to focus on staying on task and keeping the release dates I set. I’m already working on the sequel to Prophesy now! And I’ve set a goal at releasing it in early April.

I’ve worked hard to build a strong brand over the five years I’ve been writing and I hope that my name will continue to be synonymous with good MM romance and humbleness. 

This is my new blog where I’ll come to drop a line here and there. It will no longer only be for books I’m reading or recommend. It’ll now be a safe place for me to share my thoughts on any and everything that directly affects Adrienne.

You will most likely not see posts on religion, politics, etc, because I just don’t like sharing those things and I don’t like for people to think I’m trying to raise a platform for any of those issues either. I’m hoping this will be a place where you can come and get to know me a little better. There’s a whole lot of ’fake-ism going around in our community and within our genre. I just wanna let you all know that I’m real. And it’s just me.

Talk to you soon.

Leave me a comment: Did you make any changes within yourself for the new year?